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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-1916-03-2020 - 09:45

Klokkerholm follow the Danish government’s recommendations regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19. As part of the effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 we have introduced some internal initiatives. As many employees as possible will be working from home, and our production will be staffed with changing teams.


We will still be available to our customers and our customer service will continue to help you on +45 9828 4444 or email info@klokkerholm.com. Our production and logistics are so far unchanged, of course, under the strictest regard for hygiene and the spread of infection.


Saturday 14 March 2020 at 12:00 noon, the existing temporary border control was expanded to include control of all of Denmark’s borders until 13 April.


Klokkerholm is though fully operational and the Danish borders remain open for goods, both those going into the country, but also goods coming out of the country. Likewise, the border is open for truck drivers, workers and others, who have a valid reason to enter Denmark. We must assume that transport and industrial production will be challenged in the near future. However, in the current situation, Klokkerholm continues to deliver our products while we are closely monitoring the situation of COVID-19.


We hope for understanding - and together we can help stop the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19.

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